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yours truly
my name is Steve Hinchliffe i am based in holmfirth west yorkshire and my passion in life is wildlife photography.
I have been interested in photography since the mid seventies bit its not since the arrival of high quality digital
cameras that i felt able to pursue my interest in capturing wildlife images.
i started of with a relatively cheap entry level dslr and a small zoom lens and tried to capture images of our local
garden birds but i soon realized that it wasnt as easy as id imagined .
however i stuck at it and gradually found that my success rate improved, this only fueled my desire to continue to improve and it wasnt long before id convinced myself i needed to upgrade my camera and lenses .
This i did and again noticed an improvement in the quality of my images although i knew there was still some way to go.
i knew i was on a huge learning curve but the more practice i put in the fewer mistakes i seemed to make and the more
i enjoyed trying out new techniques .
Just where i am on this leaning curve now im not sure but i certainly get a lot of pleasure in developing my skills and refining my techniques trying to achieve that perfect image, some days i fail miserably but this only drives me on knowing that my next image just might be my best yet.
please feel free to comment on any aspect of my website good or bad via the comments link bellow constructive criticism is more than welcome.
I hope you like my website and if you are interested in any of my images please contact me by email via the contact us link in the main menu.
thanks for looking

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