my kit bag

Although i decided to set my stall out in the nikon camp i do not subscribe to the nikon/cannon/others argument that brand a is better than brand b most manufacturers now make excellent dslrs and its just a matter of finding one that suits the type of photography that you intend to do and building up your kit bag over time as finances allow
My kit bag consists of the following items
  • camera body nikon d4s/d810 and nikond500
  • favorite lens nikon 200/400 f4 zoom
  • nikon 500/f4 prime and 300 f4 pf prime
  • nikon 105/2.8 macro lens and24/70 2.8 zoom
  • nikon 1.4 converter
  • nikon d900 flah unit
  • gitzo series 5 +gimbal head
  • manfrotto /gitzo tripods
  • tamrac kit bag

when i purchased the d300 several years ago it was nikons flagship model in the dx range and at that time it was perfect for the type of photography that i was interested in ie mainly wildlife, but over time improvements in the development of dslrs means that there are now dslr bodies that are more able to cope in low light situations that the wildlife photographers often find themselves in.therefore my current dream machine would be the nikon d4 which gives both speed and exceptional low light performance but at a price that most of us can only dream about.
i also have the d7oo which is a full frame fx body and whilst i lose the 1.5 crop factor this body gives me better low light performance with what appears to be a much cleaner image.

the nikon 200/400 f4 lens is by far my best piece of equipment and i find this perfect for general wildlife photography
although for small subjects birds etc i sometimes find myself wishing i had a bit more reach which is when i use the 1.4 converter.the image quality even with the converter attached is fantastic the only drawback for me is the weight
of this combination ,whilst it can be hand held for short periods this setup is seriously heavy after a short time in the field, the saving grace for me is the final image quality which is way above everything else i have tried in this price range.
I have since updated my equipment adding 3 new camera bodies nikon d4s /d810 and nikon d500 and a new lens the nikon 500 f4 prime this .has helped take my photography to the next level allowing me to get images that were previously impossible in really poor light with the excellent high iso performance of the d4s